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About us

Who We Are

A couple of years ago, three of us got together to understand what can a teenager or a young adult wear to differentiate himself from the peers. Is it a trouser, No. Is it a shirt, No. Glasses, No. Shoes, bang on, they are. Since then we have not looked back and we have been designing and offering a large range of fashionable Shoes For Men that address the different lifestyle needs of young people. Initially, we started with canvas and denim and lately we are also offering shoes made from velvet and leather look likes - be it suede or a Napa. 

Why Is Popular Among the Young offers Men Shoes to the young Indians that they could use it as a fashion statement. These shoes are both elegant and affordable and the range includes loafers, casuals, sneakers, sports and hi-tops made from the finest and most "in material" available in the Indian market. These shoes address the lifestyle needs, be it office, formal, social, party or outdoor adventure

Where Are  We Today

Our shoes are considered the last word in the "shoe fashion". has disrupted the traditional styles and established its leadership among the teenagers and young adults. Young people buy our shoes for they feel good wearing it. There are so many styles that one can wear to differentiate himself.  As matter of fact, a shoe that an individual wears is his "personal statement" - well that is what the market demands 

How Can You Buy Our Shoes Online

You can buy our latest designs online from but if you are located in one of the major cities in India, it is also highly likely that our shoes you may be able to buy from a shoe dealer near your house. We also have a large warehouse located at #3, 49 Industrial Area, Near GNDU/CIPET, Amritsar, Punjab 143001 and those living in Amritsar may choose to do their shoe shopping there. Please feel free to call us on +91 82 8888 7868.